Teaching Our Children in a Nurturing Environment

Little Sunshine Learning Center

At Little Sunshine, safety is always our first priority. You can rest assured that your child will always be under the watchful eyes and caring guidance of our teachers.

Please take a moment to read the following policies regarding the health and well-being of your child.

Download the Parent/Student Handbook for complete information.


If your child needs to be given any medication during center hours, we are required to have the following:

  1. Medication Release form filled out and signed by the parent
  2. Directions for administering the medication
  3. Medication in the bottle from the pharmacy stating name, dosage, time to be given, and any side effects to watch for.

If a child above the age of two and weighing more than 24 pounds needs non-prescription medication (such as Children's Tylenol or Advil), a doctor's note is not required. However, all medication, including over-the-counter and prescription medications, for children weighing less than 24 pounds, will only be administered according to written physician's instruction.

The following guidelines have been developed in order to provide a safe, healthy environment for all of our students.

If a child has one or more of the following symptoms, they will be sent home and will not be allowed to return to Little Sunshine Learning Center until they are symptom free, have been on medication for 24 hours, or have a physician's release form:

  1. Fever in excess of 99.6 degrees Fahrenheit
  2. Excessive sneezing with cold-like symptoms
  3. Excessive coughing or difficulty in breathing
  4. Unidentified rash
  5. Ear infection that has not been treated by a physician
  6. Vomiting one time with a fever, vomiting two times in one day without a fever
  7. Diarrhea once in a day with fever, diarrhea twice in one day without a fever
  8. Excessive running nose with colored mucus

If your child has any symptoms of illness not mentioned above (listlessness, pale, flushed, stomachache, etc.), the staff will contact you to discuss whether or not your child needs to go home. You will need to have three names on file to call if you are not available to pick up your child in case of illness.

Communicable Diseases

Exposure to communicable diseases is reported to parents immediately. We will post a notice in the classroom. If your child has an illness such as flu, chickenpox, head lice, ringworm, etc, he or she will have to wait until the illness has cleared up before returning to school. This policy is designed to provide maximum protection to all our children. Teachers and directors reserve the right to make individual decisions about children needing to go home. Please contact us for specific rules.

In Case of an Emergency

In case of sickness or injury that requires a doctor or dentist's attention, we will do our best to contact you or your emergency contacts. In the event we cannot reach you, we will contact the physician listed on your child's Emergency Form. If we cannot reach you or any of your listed contacts, or if it is a life-threatening situation, we will call 911 for emergency assistance.

Behavior Issues

Our teachers use preventive methods of discipline to reduce the likelihood of disruptive behavior. Teachers support children by providing set limits, reminders, encouragement, and acknowledgement of positive behaviors. By routinely and gently recalling rules, teachers help children internalize positive behaviors. Teachers consistently monitor all activities in the classroom and the playground, and give direction clearly, anticipating and reducing the possibility of problems through advance planning and organization.

When there is a potential problem, teachers use constructive methods for maintaining group control and handling the behavior of individual students. They maintain an atmosphere of love, acceptance, and order. Corporal punishment and other humiliating or frightening techniques are never used.

Rules are discussed with all children to make sure they understand. Our goal is to create a safe environment in which a child's self esteem and skills for expression and conflict resolution are enhanced.

Children are never allowed to hurt themselves, adults, or other children. If a child injures another person, teachers will work with the child in a loving and constructive manner to reduce the child's need for striking out. Teachers will offer alternative ways to deal with difficult situations. Every incident will be recorded in a report that will require a parent's signature.

If a child has repeated or continuous behavioral issues, we will ask to have a parent/teacher/director conference in order to determine the course of action to be followed. Our goal is to work in partnership with parents. Positive results come from parental input and consistency from all adults involved in a child's life.

Little Sunshine reserves the right to immediately dismiss a child if, in the school's sole discretion, it determines that the welfare of the child or school requires such dismissal. Please conatct us if you would like more information regarding this policy.

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