Teaching Our Children in a Nurturing Environment

Little Sunshine Learning Center

Programs Offered & Ages of Children Accepted

We offer appropriate classes for children aged 2 – 5+ years. Monthly themes, life skills and weekly stories are integrated into all our preschool programs.

Two+ Year Old Program

(2 years – 3-1/2 years) Full Day/Half Day Programs Offered

The two year old program balances, nurtures and cares for a young child’s need for growing structure and independence. The focus is on helping develop large and fine motor skills. There are outdoor play activities and introduction to letters, numbers, story-telling, reading in small and large groups, and following directions.

Three-Year Old Program

(3 1/2 years and older) Full Day/Half Day Programs Offered

This program introduces letter recognition, beginning stages of writing, pre-reading skills, and concrete math skills. Classrooms are set up in centers to provide many opportunities for children to practice decision-making and self-help skills in a safe, supportive environment.

Download the Parent/Student Handbook for complete information.

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